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He had to keep moving, that the man instinctively knew. He had to get away, from the rioting, the lawlessness, the killing. Away from the brutal gangs that ruled the highways. Then there was the boy that he found along the way, an orphan with no place to go. He couldn’t leave the child behind; that would be murder. Together they had to make their way across the razed landscape of post collapse America, west to where there was safety, a chance to begin again. If only they survived the journey.


America – the near future – the United States has experienced a complete economic and social collapse, clean water and abundant food, relics of a dying age. Small groups of survivors struggle to stay alive in a world rampant with starvation, disease, and violence. “Travelers” live amongst them, savage gangs that roam the countryside, always searching for fresh prey.

Traveler is the follow up to John S. Wilson’s bestselling novel Joshua, not a sequel but set in this same deadly world.


The United States has suffered a complete economic collapse. Now a group of friends and neighbors must fight to survive as the delicate fabric that holds society together begins to unravel. Tribes is the prequel to John S. Wilson’s best-selling novels Joshua and Traveler. This third installment features an all new group of characters but is set in that same terrifying universe.

Joshua (Alternate Ending)

This revised edition of the hit novel Joshua features a never seen alternate ending and also includes an all new short story based on a character from the book.

Now available in paperback for a limited time.