American History in Photos

All blond tresses and freckled forearms, this reject from the sequel to “Star Wars” is actually two creatures, both earthlings. They are members of the swim team at San Bernardino Valley College – and seen from almost any other angle their relationship would be more readily apparent. The topmost limbs belong to one swimmer, all the others to a second, who is unlimbering – with help – before a race. Sat. Oct. 15 1977



2 thoughts on “American History in Photos

  1. I enjoy your blog – particularly the old photos you post. I like seeing and reading about “the good old days” of this nation. Have you seen the site Woodpile Report? Your website reminds me of that one. I believe you would like it. I also noticed on this photo you listed the photographer’s name. Why not do that every time?
    Thanks – and keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you enjoy my site.

      Yes, I have heard of the Woodpile Report, and in fact read it every week. My site is nowhere near that good but to be compared to it is a nice compliment. Thanks again.

      As for the photos I make sure to credit the photographer every time I can, usually it’s not possible though. I have a large collection of old news photos ranging from the teens through the 1990s and from what I’ve observed it was extremely rare for the photographer to be credited before the late 1970s. I guess it just wasn’t a priority before then.

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