A Short Story

I have just published a new apocalyptic short story. Okay, it’s not “new” as it was originally included in the limited edition alternate ending version of my novel Joshua, but now I’ve published the story separately. Currently it’s available on Kindle only. Rated “R” for violent content. For those that prefer different ebook readers this story, along with all my novels, will be available to you starting early next year. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “A Short Story

        1. I’m joking, a little. The Kindle sales were okay but the paperback sales were very limited. Of course I rarely sell real paper books anymore, I doubt many authors do. If you have a paperback edition of the alternate ending version you better hold on to it. There can’t have been more than a dozen copies printed. In a 1000 years it’s going to be worth something!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yes, right now my books are only available on Amazon. I have exclusive contracts with them but they are all about to expire. This year I started having more requests from potential readers, especially from B&N and Apple users. So in 2019 I will be offering my novels in more markets and see how they do.


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