American History in Photos

LADY LEATHERNECKS – QUANTICO, VA.: The gear that Lt. Donna Manning is wearing during combat training at the U.S. Marine Corps base at Quantico recently isn’t exactly tailored to measure. The Marine Corps has no intention of putting women on the front lines or even in any of the combat arms specialties – infantry, artillery, tanks or planes. “Everyone equates this training with combat,” says Col. C.D. Dean, Basic School commanding officer, “but I look at it in terms of practical experience in leadership.” 4-29-77

Gone Shooting

I went shooting last Thursday, the first time this year. I only took two of my Ruger 22 pistols. I wasn’t in the mood to shoot anything larger. I went early on a weekday so there were very few people around and the weather was perfect too, just a relaxing couple of hours – trying to make one big hole out of a bunch of little ones. That’s a morning well spent.

Happy Tax Day!

Yes, another April 15th is upon us! I hope you’ve already got yours done. I adjust my withholding so that I usually owe a small amount. I don’t like the government holding my money all year. This year was different. Because of some write offs I normally don’t have I’m getting a substantial refund, the biggest in nearly 20 years. Most of it will probably be spent on guns, or gun related items I’ve been wanting. I’ll keep you posted.

According to THIS site the average American, those that do pay taxes, will have to pay every penny they have made so far this year (through tomorrow) before their 2019 tax burden has been met, but still no tea party.