Dogs and their people


Last Saturday the Beaumont family of Slidell went out for dinner. After returning they noticed their beloved dog “Coco” had gone missing. Over the next four days the Beaumonts searched far and wide for their lost Labrador, but she was nowhere to be found. On Wednesday of this week they received a call from Robert Hamilton, who lives in DeSoto Parish just outside of Mansfield. Mr. Hamilton had found Coco in his back yard and called the number on her tag. A special day trip was arranged and now the wayward Beaumont is back where she belongs. Although Coco was unable to tell her family what she did in those lost four days, or how she managed to travel nearly 300 miles from home, she was able to show them how happy she was to be back.

Shown: Coco smothers the youngest Beaumont, Jimmy, nine, with kisses upon her return. 7/27/78