8 thoughts on “Happy New Year to all my readers!

    1. Predictions? Okay, here’s a few.

      1) Inflation will continue to destroy American’s purchasing power. This year expect your money to buy less and the products to be lesser quality too. The good news, your money is still worth more now than it will be two years from now, so you might as well spend it before things get worse.

      2) Your representatives will continue spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need, jacking up the national debt to new highs. That’s actually an easy prediction. Spending borrowed money seems to be one of the few issues politicians on both sides can agree on.

      3) There will be a presidential election in November and I predict half of the country will be shocked and sickened that so many of their fellow Americans could vote for the other guy.

  1. I just found your new site! I used to read your old one but didn’t check in for a long time. I checked in today and found the link to this knew site. Looks good!

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