The upside of Armageddon

I went to Walmart early last Saturday morning, it was madness. I don’t need anything so I’m not going out again for at least a week or two. It’s less about getting sick and more about dealing with all the idiots out there and their foolishness. One good thing about this is that there are now millions of previously oblivious Americans who now think having a few weeks of extra groceries (and TP) isn’t a bad idea, and the right to own a firearm for self-protection isn’t such a bad idea either.

5 thoughts on “The upside of Armageddon

    1. I’m doing fine. I still have to work every day and at least the morning traffic is nearly nonexistent now. How about you?

      1. I’m retired so my life has changed very little. I used to go over to Micky D’s once a week to get some breakfast and/or coffee with some retired buddies. Instead of going inside now we have to do it in the parking lot!

        1. Ha! That’ll show them! Has McD’s (or anyone else) said anything? A week or two more of this and people are going to start ignoring the “shelter in place” orders occurring all over the country. Then you have to wonder what the authorities will do. They’ll have a big choice to make.

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