Chinavirusmeltdownshitshow® Update

Here’s what has happened since my last update just three days ago. First, some of my readers have checked in (via comments and email) and I’m happy to report that at least no one is sick, although some are out of work. For those not working now my sympathies and hopefully this will only be a minor speedbump in your life.

At my work currently about 25% of my coworkers are not coming in now. None have the virus. Some have FMLA that they’re using, or abusing, others are burning vacation time, and at least one coworker just refuses to come in. I asked management if they had any plans if the workforce dropped dramatically, and as I thought they didn’t. Their only plan is to make the rest of us work harder and stay however long it takes to get the job done, even if there are only a handful of employees left.

One man at work died from it late Monday. I didn’t know him (it’s a big company) and it’s not believed he got it at work. He was 55-years-old and I’ve been told he had other health problems that contributed to his death. Two more employees have been diagnosed with it (don’t know them either) and are currently in quarantine. To date I still don’t personally know any person that has contracted it.

More updates to follow.