Not gone shooting

Yesterday I was going to go shooting again, but because of the ongoing Chinavirusmeltdownshitshow® I couldn’t. In my state gun shops and shooting ranges are designated “essential” businesses and are allowed to stay open. The range closest to me, though, has now restricted shooting to people that were already annual members in good standing. I never bought an annual membership since I never went there enough to make it cost-effective. I would have to go at least once a month to make it worthwhile. So here I am, now, locked out like every other halfwit who only decided they needed a gun in the last few weeks. Who’s the dummy now?

4 thoughts on “Not gone shooting

    1. Things are crazy right now. I always go to the gun range/store on a weekday morning. There would be 4-6 people there shooting. The last few times it has been completely full within a half hour of opening.

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