Chinavirusmeltdownshitshow® Update

Since my last update there has been very little change at work. The staffing seems to have leveled off at around 65%. No one is coming back and no one else has left. I still don’t personally know anyone that has contracted the virus, or at least knows they have.

Seeing a lot more people wearing masks now, store bought or homemade. I really get a laugh out of the people that must have one on but can’t even be bothered to wear it right. Not really helping, but as long as they feel better I guess it’s okay.

Another thing I have noticed is the steady increase in vehicular traffic going to and from work, especially the morning traffic. Over the last few weeks it has been slowly and steadily increasing, and in the last week has really jumped. Since nothing is allowed to open yet I don’t know where these people are going, perhaps only to get out of the house a while before they go nuts.

More updates to follow.