Intermittent blogging reruns

Beginning in August I will be reposting old photo posts from my original blog. Several posts from my old Blogger site have disappeared in the last few months. Some in their entirety, but more often just the photo file. I will be reposting my favorite old photo posts here, in their appropriate month, just to make sure they don’t get lost down the memory hole. So for the next year expect many more photo posts on this site, although you long time readers may have seen some of them before.

4 thoughts on “Intermittent blogging reruns

    1. No, I don’t think so. None of the photos missing could be considered controversial. When I used that site regularly this happened a few times, it’s most likely just some kind of glitch. Either the photo got lost on their server or the link to it was damaged.

  1. They’ll be all new to me. I’ve only been following your blog for about 2 years. Never got around to checking out your previous blog.

    1. A lot of good stuff on that site – check it out! I’m not bringing everything over to this site, just some favorites. I also wanted to redo some of those old photos. On the older ones I didn’t do them too well. I usually just posted the raw scan and didn’t do any touch up etc. The second time around they will look much better.

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