People with guns

DETROIT, DEC. 28 — GUN THAT SHOOTS AROUND CORNERS — Sgt. Donald D. Hector, of Muskegon, Mich., demonstrates how a newly developed barrel makes it possible to shoot around corners with a standard sub machine gun. The barrel, which fits on the Army’s standard M-3 “grease gun”, was developed at the Detroit Arsenal for use by tank crews and infantrymen. It fires a standard 45 caliber bullet at the rate of 450 rounds a minute. 12-28-1951

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SIDEWALK SURFING WITH STYLE – Skateboarding, which started in the early 1960’s when kids in California and Florida nailed roller-skate wheels onto boards, has become a big business – and a serious sport. As the numbers of “carvers” and “boinkers” grows, concrete skateboard parks have been springing up all over southern California, Florida, and the Carolinas. Hundreds more are in the planning stages all over the map, a fact which tends to give the parents of devoted skateboarders a certain sense of relief: the parks may have their steep uphills and downhills, but at least the thrill of dodging traffic is removed.

Photo: If there is no skateboard park handy, an empty backyard swimming pool will do. DEC 19 1977

People with guns

TWO OF THE OLD SCHOOL — An old timer in the game himself, Bill Pickett, who has made almost 400,000 barrels since he went to work at Winchester in 1886, fingers his deer gun, a lever-action Model 94 that will be 50 years old this year. The carbine was the first gun built to fire cartridges loaded with smokeless powder. 12/12/44