It’s cause they’re scared

The left has come unhinged. They’re talking about another impeachment or invoking the 25th amendment. The leftist social sites are purging members in quantity, anyone disagreeing with the party line. There seems to be a lot of fear for a man that supposedly will only be in office for another eleven days. What exactly is the left afraid President Trump is going to do? Maybe they’re afraid all their nasty little secrets are about to become public knowledge. Let’s hope so.

6 thoughts on “It’s cause they’re scared

  1. Very weird. Suddenly my Apple Safari browser quit giving me the “cannot find server” whenever I clicked on the link to your blog site; it has been doing that since you moved off Blogger.

    Well, whatever the cause, I’m happy its fixed, Missed your writing and photos!

    1. Great to hear from you, it’s been a while! Recently some people told me they couldn’t see photos I had posted and I had it checked by experts that know what they’re doing. They found an “issue” with my “DNSSEC” that was apparently causing the problem. Perhaps it was causing yours too.

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