People with guns

LOS ANGELES: Jack Webb (R) now producing, directing, and starring in Universal TV’s “Dragnet 1966” receives his old police revolver and badge 714 from Los Angeles Police Chief William H. Parker. In 1958 when Webb stopped production of his “Dragnet” series, he turned his revolver and badge over to Parker. In the new show, to be released over NBC-TV this fall, Webb will portray Joe Friday, the same character he made famous in his old show. 2/28/66

People with guns


BERKELEY, CAL. — PHOTO SHOWS: Miss Gladys Izant, 18-year-old freshman co-ed at the University of California, recently won the highest score at the shooting range on the University campus, where she defeated both the men and women students, thereby setting a new “high score record” for the University. She uses the regulation army rifle — Springfield 1903 model. Miss Izant is considered the crack rifle shot of the west. Feb 21 1927

American History in Photos

BOXING GOOD FOR BOYS – Despite potential for injury many childrearing experts believe boxing can help in a young boy’s development. Besides the physical benefits boys gain self-confidence and learn sportsmanship, discipline, and focus under adversity. Boxing advocates say it can be a positive outlet for the boundless energy boys are known for.

SHOWN – Victorious Coffeyville, Kansas, boys’ club boxers after a match in nearby Rogers, Arkansas. To help entertain its youngsters, the community’s United Fund supports the club – a center for boys between 8 and 15. FEB 75

Things to do

1) Buy more food – You can’t ever have enough of the stuff that can sit in your pantry for years without refrigeration. Buy it now before price and availability begin limiting your options.

2) Buy ammunition – You should have all the guns you need by now. If you don’t you are really behind the curve. Buy ammo, lots and lots of ammo, you’re going to need it.

3) Reduce all tax liabilities – Our government is a monster, don’t give the beast any more than you have to. Our money is paying for all of the evil it does here and around the world, including trying to subjugate you.

4) Unplug – Don’t watch their propaganda, not their “news” or entertainment. Even if you can recognize it for what it is, it can’t be good for you to be bombarded with it all the time.

5) Stop being used – Get off Big Tech’s free sites, email too. Remember, if they’re giving you their service for nothing, you are not the customer, you’re the product.