Happy Father’s Day!

“I love you dad…” A teary-eyed Gabriel Vanderwalker, 12, tells his dad, John, after arriving at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport from the Soviet Union, where the children’s Seattle Peace Theater group was supposed to perform before the military coup changed their plans.

The group, consisting of 15 young performers aged 9-13 along with 5 adult guardians, were in Moscow on August 18 during the attempted overthrow of President Mikhail Gorbachev by high-ranking members of the military and Communist Party.

Immediate arrangements were made by the U.S. Embassy to evacuate the children and return them to the United States. Although the coup d’état appeared to be unsuccessful embassy officials were still concerned about the possibility of violence by hardline Communist elements within the Soviet Armed Forces and government. – 8/28/91

People with guns

PART OF SERIES FROM U.S.A.A.F. — INDIANS VISIT ARMY FLYERS — ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — During their tour of Kirtland Field here, the small arms intrigued the Indians more than anything else. They fondled the guns like veterans, and remarked how they’d like to have this gun or that to take home to shoot deer and turkey. Carpio Martinez, ex-governor of San Juan Pueblo, was especially fond of the Tommy Gun and is shown getting a few instructions from First LT. Anthony Gasparovich, director of Kirtland Field’s small arms school. 6/11/44