American History in Photos


Parents around the country say that the strange characters from the summer’s smash hit movie Star Wars are the most requested costumes this Halloween. Children of all ages have fallen in love with the space opera and its collection of odd creatures, robots, and human heroes, and the film’s most popular quote, ‘May the Force be with you’, has quickly become the official catchphrase of 1977.

Shown: Four ‘Jawas’, one ‘See-Threepio’ and a popcorn tin on roller skates masquerading as ‘Artoo-Detoo’ ready themselves for a trick-or-treat attack on Salina, Kansas. OCT 30 1977”

American History in Photos

“All blond tresses and freckled forearms, this reject from the sequel to ‘Star Wars’ is actually two creatures, both earthlings. They are members of the swim team at San Bernardino Valley College – and seen from almost any other angle their relationship would be more readily apparent. The topmost limbs belong to one swimmer, all the others to a second, who is unlimbering – with help – before a race. Sat. Oct. 15 1977”

Have a great July 4th!

“Coral Gables Youth Center cherry pie eating contest — And the winner is twin William, who shows that he’s not only eaten the pie, but swallowed it too — the judges were checking this… Losing twin is John, center… and at far right, also losing was Emily Keldie (CQ)… (yes, I think it looks like a boy too, but they have assured me that it is a girl and her name is Emily.) JUL 4 1988”