People with guns

Joseph Parrachina, 13 years old and mascot for a group of F.F.I. Partisans in Carpentras, is responsible for killing 13 Germans and wounding several others. This boy has been in battle against a German tank, armed only with machine rifle and grenades. The F.F.I. men, after fight, knocked out the tank and eliminated the remaining Germans. Seventh Army, Carpentras, France. 8/26/44

American History in Photos

LADY LEATHERNECKS – QUANTICO, VA.: The gear that Lt. Donna Manning is wearing during combat training at the U.S. Marine Corps base at Quantico recently isn’t exactly tailored to measure. The Marine Corps has no intention of putting women on the front lines or even in any of the combat arms specialties – infantry, artillery, tanks or planes. “Everyone equates this training with combat,” says Col. C.D. Dean, Basic School commanding officer, “but I look at it in terms of practical experience in leadership.” 4-29-77