Gone Shooting

I went shooting Wednesday, sorry, no pictures again. The weather was cold but sunny. This time I took my two AR-15 carbines. Both have 16 inch barrels and were built with a mishmash of parts on S&W lowers. Until recently both had Aimpoint red dot sights. I decided to put scopes on them because I really wasn’t using the rifles to their full potential. The scope I went with for both was the Primary Arms 2.5X prism. They are well made, rugged, and a lot of scope for the money. I have also become a big fan of Primary Arms ACSS CQB-M reticle. I find it well thought out and easy to use. After sighting in I have effectively doubled the usable range of these rifles, compared with the red dots they replaced.

I also took my HK USP 45 again. Last time I took it to test an extended capacity magazine I bought. I already tested it with my home defense “House” gun and it functioned fine. The two HKs are the same model so I didn’t think there would be a problem – WRONG! Even though the two pistols are identical the other gun wouldn’t function with the mag. It would jam on the second round every time. I replaced the large recoil spring, thinking that might be the problem, it obviously wasn’t. I can find no logical reason why this second USP won’t work with this particular magazine. More experimentation will be necessary.

Gone Shooting

I went shooting yesterday, the first time since March. Sorry, no pictures. I have several guns that needed to be shot and finally got to a few. It was overcast and cool, and threatening to rain the whole time.

The most important guns I took were two AR-15 pistol uppers that had to be function checked and sighted in. Both were made by Palmetto State Armory and have 11.5 inch barrels with regular front sights. I have a Ruger lower (PSA parts) that I’ve built into a pistol and used it to test both. I’ve been trying to get another Ruger AR lower but with the recent gun buying unpleasantness that has been impossible. The first upper uses a stock detachable carry handle and it was sighted in easily enough. The second upper has an Aimpoint Micro (T-1) on a Larue mount with a Magpul backup rear sight. The Magpul sight was dead on right out of the box, but it took a while to get the Aimpoint to where it needed to be, mostly because of user error. Okay, full disclosure, I don’t know left from right. It took more time (and ammo) but finally I did get it zeroed and ready to go. Both uppers functioned flawlessly right from the start so that wasn’t any issue at all.

Next up (in importance) was an extended magazine for my USP 45. I tested this the last time I went shooting and put 100 rounds through it without any issue. I wanted to test it again, though, thinking this time would only be a formality. I was wrong. Out of 17 rounds I had 3 FTF malfunctions. I was going to use this on my home defense gun, but will now have to wait until this issue is resolved.

I also took a used Remington 870 TAC-14 (12 gauge) that I recently bought after months of looking. It took a while for me to find one at a price I was willing to pay, as the current going price has gone up substantially with the recent panic gun buying and Remington’s financial woes. It was shipped to me dry and dirty and that’s exactly how I shot it. As expected (and hoped) the Remington functioned perfectly. This was my first time hip shooting a shotgun and “accuracy” was so-so. I’m already thinking of buying a laser for it.

The biggest disappointment for the day was a little Budischowsky TP-70 semi-auto pistol that I bought this summer. I’ve owned a few of these cute little pistols over the years and consider them one of the best “Mouse gun” designs ever made. The 25 Auto chambered ones I’ve owned were great but they also made them (much rarer) in 22LR and it appears that those have problems. This is the second one I’ve owned in 22 and the second one that wouldn’t run right. Yesterday I had several misfires that might have been ammunition issues, but even when the pistol did shoot it wouldn’t go three rounds in a row without some malfunction. I’ll give it a good cleaning and try again later, but I already suspect this one is on borrowed time like the last one.

Gone Shooting – Finally

Yesterday morning I went to the shooting range for the first time in 2020. I’ve wanted to go since the first week of February, but every time I planned to it would rain or snow. Finally, yesterday, I decided I couldn’t put it off anymore. Even though it rained earlier in the morning I was there when they opened. The range wasn’t empty but it definitely had a lot less shooters than the last few times I’ve been there.

I have several guns I need to shoot but only took two. The range was still muddy and I only took a couple I could shoot at short range. I’m not so dedicated that I’ll go schlepping through the mud all morning.

The first was my HK USP .45 “house” gun. I bought an extended capacity magazine for it and wanted to see how it functioned. The magazine has a longer base plate that increases capacity from the normal 12 rounds to 17. The pistol functioned flawlessly with the new mag although I will probably test it once more before I start using it for self-defense.

The other pistol I took was my Kahr MK9. I bought this last year but couldn’t decide whether to keep or sell it. The gun functioned perfectly the last time, and again today. My only problem is that it’s so small I have trouble holding onto it. It’s extremely difficult for me to shoot fast with the flush fit magazine, although I can shoot it reasonably well with the extended mag. I keep wavering because it’s the only small 9MM I own. Even though it’s heavy the Kahr would make a great pocket pistol. I still haven’t decided on what to do with it. I might have to shoot it a third time before I can make a decision.

I had a great time at the range and hopefully can go again before too long. Like I said, I have several guns that need to be tested.

Gone Shooting

I went shooting again yesterday, maybe the last time for the year. I have two used pistols I bought last spring and needed to test shoot them. Back in April and May I bought another HK USP .45 and also a Kahr MK9 (9MM). I’m not sure I even want the Kahr but I got a good deal so it was hard to turn down.

Yesterday I was testing mostly for reliability and also a general sense of accuracy. All shooting was at 30 feet. The weather was a little cool and sunny, nearly perfect for shooting. I arrived at the range right when they opened and it was already half full.

My “new” USP functioned perfectly with 150 rounds of hollowpoint ammunition.  Accuracy seemed on par with my other one. I brought it along but only shot one magazine through it.

I fired 140 rounds through the Kahr, 40 hollowpoints and 100 round nose. There were no malfunctions. The Kahr is a very small pistol and it was difficult for me to shoot quickly, with any accuracy. Even with the extended magazine it’s hard for me to hold on to, with the flush fit mag nearly impossible. With the short mag I can only get two fingers on the grip. I will probably end up selling the Kahr, although I might shoot it again just to make sure.