People with guns

SHERIFF AIMS TO “BUILD BETTER MEN” – Joseph D. Lohman, Cook County Sheriff, oversees several programs meant to reduce the growing juvenile delinquency problem. The problem is confined mainly to teen-aged boys and Sheriff Lohman said that is where he is directing most of his efforts. Although open to any boy, his “Devil Dog Teens”, “G.I. Juniors”, and “Cook County Sheriff’s Police Squadron” programs were developed with a mind to help those unfortunate boys who might be prone to a life of crime. The Sheriff told reporters, “We are giving boys a chance to improve their lives, to become better men than they might otherwise”.

PHOTO SHOWS – At a recent Devil Dog Teens open house event, held at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station, Sheriff Joseph D. Lohman observes as Marine Sgt. (unidentified) instructs young boy in “the Marine Corps way” of handling a rifle. James Martin, 10, of Norwood Park, did well for a first time, especially considering the gun was bigger than he was. AUG 31 57

American History in Photos


Thursday, members of the press were given a special demonstration on the newest battle rifle of the army, the “M1”. Eventually it is expected that the M1 will replace the aging Model 1903, which went into service that same year. The new rifle uses a special clip that holds eight rounds of ammunition. The clip is not removed when the cartridges are inserted in the chamber. NOV 1939