American History in Photos


Parents around the country say that the strange characters from the summer’s smash hit movie Star Wars are the most requested costumes this Halloween. Children of all ages have fallen in love with the space opera and its collection of odd creatures, robots, and human heroes, and the film’s most popular quote, “May the Force be with you”, has quickly become the official catchphrase of 1977.

Shown: Four “Jawas”, one “See-Threepio” and a popcorn tin on roller skates masquerading as “Artoo-Detoo” ready themselves for a trick-or-treat attack on Salina, Kansas. OCT 30 1977

American History in Photos

“I love you dad…” A teary-eyed Gabriel Vanderwalker, 12, tells his dad, John, after arriving at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport from the Soviet Union, where the children’s Seattle Peace Theater group was supposed to perform before the military coup changed their plans.

The group, consisting of 15 young performers aged 9-13 along with 5 adult guardians, were in Moscow on August 18 during the attempted overthrow of President Mikhail Gorbachev by high-ranking members of the military and Communist Party.

Immediate arrangements were made by the U.S. Embassy to evacuate the children and return them to the United States. Although the coup d’état appeared to be unsuccessful embassy officials were still concerned about the possibility of violence by hardline Communist elements within the Soviet Armed Forces and government. – 8/28/91

American History in Photos

AMARILLO, TEXAS, APRIL 11 – COMPETITION FOR THE GREAT EVEL KNIEVEL – Randy Black, 13, of Amarillo, Tex., is shown sailing over trash cans lined up in the alley near his home. Every spare minute he can muster, he heads for the alley, lines up trash cans, makes the jumps for thrills and money. Nine cans, his current record, measured slightly over 21 feet. APR 11 74