American History in Photos

ACROSS THE NATION POLICE STEP UP THE FIREPOWER – In the last few years a growing trend among U.S. law enforcement agencies has been to trade their old service revolvers in for newer semi-automatic pistols. The main reason given is to keep pace with the criminal element that increasingly uses modern weaponry in crimes. This new generation of semi-automatic pistols are not only more reliable than those of old, but hold more ammunition, as many as 15 rounds. Police revolvers typically hold 6 rounds. Pistols are also much quicker to reload, especially in the high-stress situations that police officers are likely to encounter.

SHOWN – Fox Point Police Officer Ralph Beck displayed the 9mm pistol that his department chose because it holds more cartridges than a revolver and is faster and easier to reload. TU SEP 26 1989

Gun Show – Sig Sauer P228

The Sig Sauer P228 was a smaller variant of the company’s full-size service pistol, the P226, and known for its fine handling qualities and concealability. The pistol was in regular production from 1988 until 2005, and then produced intermittently and in limited quantities after that. Production ceased for good in 2013. Unlike the P226, the P228 was only produced in one caliber, 9×19mm Parabellum. The pistol was manufactured completely in Germany until 1999, but beginning in 2000 the gun’s parts were made in Germany and assembled in the US. A small number of later ones were also built with US made frames. Towards the end of production Sig even offered a version with an accessory rail. The example shown is an earlier all-German made model from 1994 when the slides were still being marked with their original “MADE IN W. GERMANY” rollmarks.