So here we are

It hasn’t been three months since the election but it feels like years to me, maybe to many of you too. Years with feelings of depression, hopelessness, and yes, anger. Anger at everyone that played a part in this, especially American voters who know their candidate won fraudulently and don’t have a problem with it.

Since the election I have got very little done in my personal life. I’ve been spending 75%+ of my free time obsessing over it. At first reading about each new election fraud and/or legal maneuver, and more recently bouncing from rightwing website to website desperately giving consideration to any theory, no matter how bizarre, on how President Trump was still going to win in the end. That was better than thinking about the alternative, the idea that the democrat’s morally vacant grifter candidate with signs of dementia and direct ties to the Chinese communists would be allowed to cheat his way into the White House.

In an earlier post I noted we were waiting to find out if we had a Constitutional Republic or not, a country of laws or not. Now we know. Now that we do know the only question remaining is – What’s next? Many republican-tards still think it’s business as usual. They’re already talking about “taking it back in 2024” and other such nonsense. Apparently they’re not aware (yet) that their party (at a national level) is dead. What they refuse to see is that their nearly universal betrayal of President Trump has destroyed them. Donald Trump was the party for the majority of their voters and many won’t be coming back if he’s gone.

Even if the republicans could come up with a viable presidential candidate it wouldn’t matter. Many won’t ever vote again. Why would they? The democrats won through massive voter fraud in November and nothing has changed since then. They’ll just do it again next time. Who will stop them, the law, an outraged public, an honest Fourth Estate? Also, if this new sideshow administration gets some of the items on its wish list, like giving millions of illegal immigrants the right to vote, they won’t even need to cheat by 2024. At the national level they’ll be in charge forever, or more realistically, until it all comes apart.

Personally I don’t think this nation will last until the next presidential election. This could play out in many ways but I believe the most plausible “What’s next?” is war. The new administration is already talking about a war on “Domestic” terrorism. If you’re completely oblivious that means you and me. That means anyone that supported President Trump or even dared to suggest the election might not have been completely legitimate. But what will actually kick it off, and when? My guess is guns. If the Chinavirusmeltdownshitshow® has shown us anything it is that modern Americans don’t mind giving up Constitutional rights, or at least mind enough to really do anything about it. We, as a nation, seem to have a lot of tolerance for abuse. I believe gun control will be the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back. That’s the issue which has the most potential for violence. When the democrats get around to trying to enforce major gun control on the people, whether next month or two years from now, that will be it. Of course this nation already has major financial problems and the upcoming democrat spending extravaganza (of money we don’t have) might get things started. Either way, as I said, I don’t believe “We” have another four years.

Thank you President Trump. Thank you for all you did to try and save this great nation of ours. Thank you for giving us four more years to prepare. Thank you for opening the eyes of millions of more Americans to who and what we are fighting. I disagreed with many of your decisions but it was a refreshing change to see a president that truly loved this country and the people that actually make it work. We haven’t had that in a long time.

I’ve decided to take a blogging vacation and won’t be posting for a while. I don’t know how long. I do have some automated posts that will continue to be posted in 2021. Since I will no longer be checking in to manage the spam, comments will also be suspended – beginning in 72 hours.

For now – Good luck and God Bless!

It’s cause they’re scared

The left has come unhinged. They’re talking about another impeachment or invoking the 25th amendment. The leftist social sites are purging members in quantity, anyone disagreeing with the party line. There seems to be a lot of fear for a man that supposedly will only be in office for another eleven days. What exactly is the left afraid President Trump is going to do? Maybe they’re afraid all their nasty little secrets are about to become public knowledge. Let’s hope so.


Yesterday we were witness to major history. For those patriots that actually participated, I salute you.

As for VP Pence, I wasn’t very confident that he was going to do the right thing. My suspicions were confirmed. I thought he wouldn’t do it because he was a milquetoast, but it turns out he was just another Washington insider scumbag politician. Well, whatever he got I hope it was enough because his political career is over. He could have been the 46th President.

As for President Trump it looks like it might be coming down to the “Rubicon” option. Will he try it? I believe he will, if he can get the necessary backing from the military. He can’t do it alone. Or maybe I’ve been wrong about what kind of man the president is this whole time. I’ve been wrong about many others. I have a problem judging the character of politicians because I want to believe they’re like us, they are not, but then Trump was never a real politician. Pray for President Trump, and our nation. Time is running short.