My books – now available – everywhere!

Due to reader requests I am now offering my first three novels, along with my short story, Twenty-Nine Days Ago, on most of the major ebook sites.

My novels can now be found at –



Barnes & Noble





This is an experiment on my part and I’m not really sure how long it will last. If you wanted to check out my books but couldn’t because you don’t have a Kindle, now is your chance.


A Short Story

I have just published a new apocalyptic short story. Okay, it’s not “new” as it was originally included in the limited edition alternate ending version of my novel Joshua, but now I’ve published the story separately. Currently it’s available on Kindle only. Rated “R” for violent content. For those that prefer different ebook readers this story, along with all my novels, will be available to you starting early next year. Thanks!