Happy Tax Day!

Yes, another April 15th is upon us! I hope you’ve already got yours done. I adjust my withholding so that I usually owe a small amount. I don’t like the government holding my money all year. This year was different. Because of some write offs I normally don’t have I’m getting a substantial refund, the biggest in nearly 20 years. Most of it will probably be spent on guns, or gun related items I’ve been wanting. I’ll keep you posted.

According to THIS site the average American, those that do pay taxes, will have to pay every penny they have made so far this year (through tomorrow) before their 2019 tax burden has been met, but still no tea party.

American History in Photos

“Nothing is quite as wonderful as ‘almost’ grown-ups when you are young … and nothing is quite as lamented as the lost innocence of youth when you are grown. For this little girl from Shelby, N.C., last year’s state basketball tournament was a time of wonder. Basketball tourneys mean cheerleaders, of course, and at the age when making the ‘A’ Squad seems the pinnacle of feminine ambition, well, even being permitted to do up a lace or two has special meaning. MAR 1978”

American History in Photos

“ADVANCE FOR SUNDAY, MARCH 17, WITH DETROIT GUNS STORY — LISTEN GIRLS — Instructor Lisa Rozner describes an automatic pistol to a group of woman attending a gun clinic at the Dearborn, Mich., police pistol range. The clinic is one of a number in the Detroit area training civilians — many of them women — in the use of firearms. Police officials say civilian interest in guns and gun training has increased significantly since the riots last July. March 14, 1968”