Chinavirusmeltdownshitshow® Update

At work everything is about the same as my last update. Staffing is still hovering at about 65% and there have been no cases reported in my work area. I still don’t personally know anyone that has contracted it, or at least knows they have.

Last Monday I went to a gun shop for the first time in three weeks. In Kentucky gun shops are “essential” and cannot be closed. This particular store is on the smaller side but usually well stocked with mostly new firearms, handguns and AR-15s, pump shotguns, etc. That day they were stripped bare of guns. They had exactly two handguns and three long guns in the whole shop. The pistols were both CZ and the long guns were nondescript single/double barrel shotguns. The shop still had a modest amount of ammunition, although prices had risen slightly since I was there the first week of April. While I was there I bought some more Federal 12 gauge 00Buck, up a $1.25 from last time.

Tuesday I went to Walmart for the first time in over a month. The cashiers are encased in Plexiglas, there are six foot spacing markers taped on every bit of the sales floor. Tape arrows are also in every isle to tell in which direction you need to be going. They have barricaded the front entrance in such a way that people entering and leaving can’t get within twenty feet of each other. You actually have to walk about two hundred feet out of your way to enter the store. The whole thing seems to be constructed with the presumption that their customers have an IQ under 80 and no commonsense at all.

As bad as that is it’s actually worse where I work. They have the same six foot spacing markers as well but they used permanent paint. There are also signs about keeping your distance from others, wearing masks, washing your hands, etc., but the best part are the little morale boosting messages. They’re everywhere, handmade posters on the walls and even written on the sidewalks with brightly colored chalk. Short, perky messages designed to lift your spirit in this time of crisis. Messages like “Don’t worry” “Be brave” and “We’ll get through this” give the place a weird industrial nursery school vibe, especially when you consider the entire complex is surrounded with chain link fence topped with razor wire.

More updates to follow.

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Chinavirusmeltdownshitshow® Update

At work things are about the same. There have been no more deaths or new cases reported, unless management just isn’t telling us anymore. In my own work area another person is refusing to come in and with those people, along with FMLA and vacation time, our workforce is now at about 65%. I still don’t personally know anyone that has contracted it. Of course when I say “contracted” I’m referring to becoming ill. Current thinking is that as many as half of the people that have this virus show no symptoms and never know it.

Although we’re hardly through this yet I’ve already made some interesting (and depressing) observations about my fellow Americans. I wish I could say that any were a big surprise to me.

It appears that a large portion of my countrymen, possibly a majority, have no issue surrendering their rights if it will make them feel safer. Obviously, they also have no issue surrendering everyone else’s rights either.

A good number of fellow citizens have been more than happy to be informants and/or safety monitors for the rest of us, and that’s been without much effort on part of the authorities. Imagine what could be accomplished if the full force of the government, along with their willing collaborators in the entertainment and news industries made a real effort. Every neighbor, every coworker, every grocery store employee, every gas station cashier would be another set of eyes to watch you with and to make sure you conform.

Did you notice how many police officers around the country followed the unconstitutional orders from their superiors, without as much as a peep? It does give you pause for thought. When the discussion of gun confiscation comes up there will always be someone (or several someones) that know police officers and assure us that they would “NEVER!” do that. They would quit first. Don’t be fooled by others or your own wishful thinking. While I believe they’re currently a minority there are plenty of law enforcement officers right now that would have no problem taking your guns if the order ever comes. And the problem is only going to get worse as older officers retire and are replaced by younger ones, people that thanks to the current public education system have no knowledge or respect for the Constitution at all.

I’m reading all over the internet comparisons of this pandemic to the terrorist attack on 9/11/2001. There simply is no comparison. However, I am very concerned that what comes after might be similar. After 9/11 one of the “cures” to make sure it didn’t happen again was the obscene Patriot Act. What plans are politicians considering for the “good” of the American people right now? It’s a safe bet that any plans they have won’t be good for the freedoms of Americans. They rarely ever are.

More updates to follow.