American History in Photos

BOYS WILL BE BOYS – A universally accepted truism is that nothing can stop boys in their pursuit of fun and the recent severe weather has once again proven the point. Not even Mother Nature can stop them for long.

Case in point, the heavy rains and flooding which recently besieged our city have not stopped boys in their quest, and truth be told, probably only encouraged them more. Over the weekend many could be seen out and about enjoying themselves with whatever improvised playthings that could be found. Flooded streets, power outages, and closed shops did not slow them down.

Shown – Four youngsters find excitement where they can. Erick Enriquez, 11, runs a shopping cart through a flooded parking lot at 1150 W.79 ST. Along for the ride are (from left to right) friends Saul Medina, 11, Tony Rotondo, 12, and his younger brother, Juan Enriquez, 10. 8/16/83

People with Guns

Oak Park Trust and Savings Bank Revolver Club – Members of the Oak Park Trust and Savings Bank Revolver Club have won three of their last four meets, according to C. D. Seftenberg, Vice President and trust officer, who is in charge of the club. In the photo are: First – L. J. Smith, A. Conklin, G. Oliver, S. Carne and O. Kilgore. Second – Mr. Seftenberg, trust officer, H. Dubbs, M. White and F. Whitcher. Absent, Paul Ware. The team has been organized since 1936 and it now shoots under regulations of the National Rifle and Pistol Association. It is a uniformed team, outfits having been designed in cooperation with Willard W. Cole, Jr., manager of The Hub – Thursday, August 11, 1938

American History in Photos

NEWEST MEMBER OF THE TEAM – Tommy Smith (14) is the latest recruit for the Indians, and according to him, “the luckiest boy in Cleveland”. Tommy, who was named as the ball club’s new batboy yesterday, was chosen from over two hundred young hopefuls. PHOTO SHOWS – Tommy proudly displays his new uniform for photographers. TUE AUG 8 1950