Election Part III

There was no voter fraud.

There was no widespread voter fraud.

There was not enough voter fraud to change the outcome.

Trump has no path to victory. < YOU ARE HERE

Justices Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett must recuse themselves.

Trump is trying to undo an already decided election.

Trump overturned the election and the will of the people.

People with guns

ARMY TESTS NEW MACHINE GUN CARRIER — The Army’s experimental machine gun carrier, a low-slung automotive vehicle designed to keep machine guns in continuous action during advances and retreats, is shown as it was being tested in maneuvers at Fort Sam Houston, Tex. It was built at Fort Benning, Ga., in the Infantry School, by Captain Robert G. Howie and Sergeant M. C. Wiley, under the supervision of Brig. Gen. Walter C. Short, of Fort Niagara, N.Y. With this carrier, the Army hopes to overcome the chief obstacle of machine gun operation, that of keeping the gun in operation at all times. Machine guns are usually out of operation until they are set up in the lines. Note how the low-slung carrier allows the machine gun operator to spray positions in front of him as the driver of the carrier maneuvers it back and forth. Sergeant Wiley is operating the gun while Corporal B. W. Russell drives. 11/12/37

Election Part II

This election is not over despite what the Democrats and their sycophants in the media tell you. If you voted for President Trump that’s what they want you to believe, they want you discouraged. They want you broken. They want you to give up. Don’t. President Trump represents the “fly over” parts of this country, and he’s the first one in many years. He needs your support. He needs your prayers, money, and a note of encouragement would be nice too. I’m sure he’ll do what he has to, that’s the kind of man he is, but it’s still better when you know you’re not alone. Our President needs to know that the millions who voted for him still back him. Let him know.

PS – If you do give President Trump money do it through his website, not through the Republican’s. Also note that if you use a credit card by default it sets to reoccurring payments. If that’s not what you want make sure to check that before you agree to the donation, although if you want to stop them later it’s easy enough.