People with guns

AND ONE MAN, WERMUTH, WAS AN ENTIRE ARMY BY HIMSELF – Capt. Arthur William Wermuth (shown with aide), one of the Battling ———‘s of Bataan, “absolutely accounted for” at least 116 Japanese with a 45-caliber sub-machine gun. After the Japs overran Corregidor, his wife was informed he was considered missing in action. Yesterday his wife received a telegram from Maj. Gen. James A. Ulio, adjutant general of the army, which said: “Information received indicated your husband is now a prisoner of war of the Japanese government in the Philippines.” – U.S. Army Signal Corps Photo. Dec 9 1942

People with guns

St. Petersburg Police staged a line-up Friday afternoon, but it wasn’t the usual row of suspicious characters. In this case, it was 52 members of the police department trying out the new police pistol range. The range is to be used for training by area law enforcement agencies and is next to the Police Pistol Club on 47th Ave. N. The old circular bull’s-eye targets have been replaced with human silhouettes, and policemen practice firing their service revolvers with either hand and from behind car fenders, walls and other obstacles. The officers are timed for efficiency and rated on their shooting skill. Photo credit – Fred Victorin Dec 6 1968

Gone Shooting

I went shooting Wednesday, sorry, no pictures again. The weather was cold but sunny. This time I took my two AR-15 carbines. Both have 16 inch barrels and were built with a mishmash of parts on S&W lowers. Until recently both had Aimpoint red dot sights. I decided to put scopes on them because I really wasn’t using the rifles to their full potential. The scope I went with for both was the Primary Arms 2.5X prism. They are well made, rugged, and a lot of scope for the money. I have also become a big fan of Primary Arms ACSS CQB-M reticle. I find it well thought out and easy to use. After sighting in I have effectively doubled the usable range of these rifles, compared with the red dots they replaced.

I also took my HK USP 45 again. Last time I took it to test an extended capacity magazine I bought. I already tested it with my home defense “House” gun and it functioned fine. The two HKs are the same model so I didn’t think there would be a problem – WRONG! Even though the two pistols are identical the other gun wouldn’t function with the mag. It would jam on the second round every time. I replaced the large recoil spring, thinking that might be the problem, it obviously wasn’t. I can find no logical reason why this second USP won’t work with this particular magazine. More experimentation will be necessary.