Chinavirusmeltdownshitshow® Update

At work things have returned to a (sort of) normal. Most of my coworkers have come back and staffing is now over 90%. The only employees that haven’t returned are a few with very serious preexisting health conditions, like heart and respiratory issues.

As for masks, I see fewer of them every day. I’m still seeing more while shopping than at work. At work about 25% are still wearing them, and the majority of those only “wear” them under their chins, or if it was possible to be more stupid looking, hanging from one ear. Apparently, showing how much you care by walking around with a useless mask is the new status symbol among the leftist lunatic fringe.

As for surprises during the Chinavirusmeltdownshitshow®, there have been very few. I was not surprised that politicians like power, and to abuse it. I was not surprised that there are law enforcement officers more than willing to violate the rights of the people they serve on the unlawful orders of their superiors. I was not surprised that most people take what they see on the news as gospel without giving it one moment of considered thought.

I was surprised that there wasn’t a larger backlash to the shutdown, and sooner. Perhaps modern Americans aren’t as freedom loving as I thought.

I guess the biggest surprise for me, though, was the number of people I personally know, people that I thought were rational, reasonable people, who turned out not to be. I guess you don’t really know someone until you see them in a crisis.

I still don’t personally know a single person that contracted the Chinawuhanbatsoupvirus, or at least knew they did.

Chinavirusmeltdownshitshow® Update

I returned to work after taking two weeks of vacation time. The only significant change is concerning management policy on absences. From early March through May you could come in or not, management wouldn’t count it against you. Now, starting June 1, only people with preexisting health conditions can remain off, and only then with a doctor’s note.

On the streets things are opening back up. I’m seeing much more traffic, cars and pedestrian, as people try to get back to their regular lives. As for masks, I see far fewer of them, at work and on the streets. I believe many people are realizing how stupid our overreaction to this was, and how the government and media played them for fools. I would like to hope that as least some of those people won’t allow themselves to be played again.

I still don’t personally know anyone that contracted the Chinawuhanbatsoupvirus, or at least knew it.

More updates to follow.

Chinavirusmeltdownshitshow® Update

There has been very little change at work since my last update. A few more of my coworkers are now wearing masks, about 20% of them. Masks are not required at work but company management wants everyone to sign a waiver stating that if you choose not to wear one they can’t be held responsible if you get sick.

Speaking of masks, I’m starting to see them now, discarded, in the parking lots at work and the stores I go to. I’m referring to those cheap throwaway type masks, mostly the baby blue ones and I’m seeing them everywhere. Left there by filthy, disgusting people who feel they need to wear a mask in public but discard it as they get back in their car.

Also speaking of masks, it’s been my observation that more young people are wearing them, compared to middle-aged and older people. Young people are supposed to be the ones who live recklessly and think they’ll live forever. What’s happened to them?

Although I watch very little television I am already tired of the commercials telling us we’ll get through this and what so-and-so company is doing to help in this crisis. You’re not trying to help; you just want the sheep out there to remember your company name if they ever have money again.

I have decided to take some vacation time and won’t be going in to work for the rest of May. Our governor/want-to-be dictator is slowly allowing businesses to reopen. I have a small hope that by the time I go back at least some sense of normalcy will have come back too.

More updates to follow.

Chinavirusmeltdownshitshow® Update

Since my last update there has been very little change at work. The staffing seems to have leveled off at around 65%. No one is coming back and no one else has left. I still don’t personally know anyone that has contracted the virus, or at least knows they have.

Seeing a lot more people wearing masks now, store bought or homemade. I really get a laugh out of the people that must have one on but can’t even be bothered to wear it right. Not really helping, but as long as they feel better I guess it’s okay.

Another thing I have noticed is the steady increase in vehicular traffic going to and from work, especially the morning traffic. Over the last few weeks it has been slowly and steadily increasing, and in the last week has really jumped. Since nothing is allowed to open yet I don’t know where these people are going, perhaps only to get out of the house a while before they go nuts.

More updates to follow.

Chinavirusmeltdownshitshow® Update

At work everything is about the same as my last update. Staffing is still hovering at about 65% and there have been no cases reported in my work area. I still don’t personally know anyone that has contracted it, or at least knows they have.

Last Monday I went to a gun shop for the first time in three weeks. In Kentucky gun shops are “essential” and cannot be closed. This particular store is on the smaller side but usually well stocked with mostly new firearms, handguns and AR-15s, pump shotguns, etc. That day they were stripped bare of guns. They had exactly two handguns and three long guns in the whole shop. The pistols were both CZ and the long guns were nondescript single/double barrel shotguns. The shop still had a modest amount of ammunition, although prices had risen slightly since I was there the first week of April. While I was there I bought some more Federal 12 gauge 00Buck, up a $1.25 from last time.

Tuesday I went to Walmart for the first time in over a month. The cashiers are encased in Plexiglas, there are six foot spacing markers taped on every bit of the sales floor. Tape arrows are also in every isle to tell in which direction you need to be going. They have barricaded the front entrance in such a way that people entering and leaving can’t get within twenty feet of each other. You actually have to walk about two hundred feet out of your way to enter the store. The whole thing seems to be constructed with the presumption that their customers have an IQ under 80 and no commonsense at all.

As bad as that is it’s actually worse where I work. They have the same six foot spacing markers as well but they used permanent paint. There are also signs about keeping your distance from others, wearing masks, washing your hands, etc., but the best part are the little morale boosting messages. They’re everywhere, handmade posters on the walls and even written on the sidewalks with brightly colored chalk. Short, perky messages designed to lift your spirit in this time of crisis. Messages like “Don’t worry” “Be brave” and “We’ll get through this” give the place a weird industrial nursery school vibe, especially when you consider the entire complex is surrounded with chain link fence topped with razor wire.

More updates to follow.