American History in Photos

NEW TWIST ON AN OLD GAME – Boys have been playing “war” for time immemorial, but only in recent months has an all-new wrinkle appeared. Across the nation they are now using real guns, the BB and pellet shooting variety, in their games. Special clothes and safety equipment, either store bought or homemade, are also used to insure no players are harmed. Many participants report it to be the most fun they have ever had.

SHOWN: A war-gamesman adjusts the mask that protects his eyes from BB rounds. 8/29/82

American History in Photos

BOYS WILL BE BOYS – A universally accepted truism is that nothing can stop boys in their pursuit of fun and the recent severe weather has once again proven the point. Not even Mother Nature can stop them for long.

Case in point, the heavy rains and flooding which recently besieged our city have not stopped boys in their quest, and truth be told, probably only encouraged them more. Over the weekend many could be seen out and about enjoying themselves with whatever improvised playthings that could be found. Flooded streets, power outages, and closed shops did not slow them down.

Shown – Four youngsters find excitement where they can. Erick Enriquez, 11, runs a shopping cart through a flooded parking lot at 1150 W.79 ST. Along for the ride are (from left to right) friends Saul Medina, 11, Tony Rotondo, 12, and his younger brother, Juan Enriquez, 10. 8/16/83