Yesterday we were witness to major history. For those patriots that actually participated, I salute you.

As for VP Pence, I wasn’t very confident that he was going to do the right thing. My suspicions were confirmed. I thought he wouldn’t do it because he was a milquetoast, but it turns out he was just another Washington insider scumbag politician. Well, whatever he got I hope it was enough because his political career is over. He could have been the 46th President.

As for President Trump it looks like it might be coming down to the “Rubicon” option. Will he try it? I believe he will, if he can get the necessary backing from the military. He can’t do it alone. Or maybe I’ve been wrong about what kind of man the president is this whole time. I’ve been wrong about many others. I have a problem judging the character of politicians because I want to believe they’re like us, they are not, but then Trump was never a real politician. Pray for President Trump, and our nation. Time is running short.


Here it is 2021 and our nation still sits in limbo. Almost two months since the election and we still don’t know if we have a constitutional republic or a banana republic. It won’t be long now before we do know. When the evidence of voter fraud started coming out I was confident that President Trump would prevail, but only after it reached the Supreme Court. It didn’t take long before it became clear that this fraud wasn’t going to be corrected at the state level. Recounting fraudulent votes is just a waste of time and money and the lower courts didn’t appear to have any interest in hearing evidence on what could be the single largest case of voter fraud in US history. Despite all of that I still felt confident in Trump’s eventual win. My confidence was based on the assumption we had at least five honest, honorable justices on the Supreme Court. It turns out that was a ridiculous assumption. No one, not even the SC wants to look into this. What has become painfully obvious since the events of election night is that most everyone in Washington DC does not want a Trump second term. For four years President Trump has been interfering with their “Business as usual” and that is something they cannot have. That’s the something every politician, judge, and bureaucrat in DC, regardless of political leanings, can all agree on.

I still have a small hope that Trump will be president on January 21. Wishful thinking? Maybe. Delusional? Possibly. The president still has some (unlikely) avenues to victory in the courts, “unlikely” not on legal merit, but because the entire justice system seems determined to not get involved in this dispute. Apparently, “hanging chads” are enough to get the courts involved, but the mountains of available evidence corroborating massive voter fraud in 2020 is not.

Then there are the various maneuvers involving the Electoral College and the counting of votes on January 6. All of those plans rely entirely on the moral courage of republican politicians and Vice President Pence. VP Pence seems to be an honest man, and a genuinely nice guy, but I’m not sure he has the intestinal fortitude to do what needs to be done. We shall see, soon.

Finally, there has also been much talk about the “Crossing the Rubicon” path to victory. I don’t know if President Trump is willing to do that. All of his past behavior has shown deference for our legal system and staying within that realm. He might not have a choice, though. The democrats are practically guaranteeing they’re going to go after him once they’re in charge. Just like the sham impeachment trial, they’ll find something to prosecute him on and won’t stop until he’s in prison. It’s very possible they’ll go after some of his family too. If President Trump did go the “Rubicon” route I wouldn’t blame him. In the last four years the democrats have shown that nothing gets in the way of their agenda, not the law and certainly not anything resembling morality.

Regardless of the election outcome there will be a large group of Americans that won’t accept the results. The already Grand Canyon-sized gulf between the two sides will only continue to widen. Eventually our country is going to war with itself, and not the mostly cold war we’ve had up till now. Will it become an all-out shooting war in 2021? Maybe, if the democrats succeed in stealing this, but if not in 2021, eventually. A war is inevitable now. We have two large groups in this county with completely contrary ideas on what government is and what it should be doing in people’s lives. Those two ideas cannot be reconciled. One will eventually have to win out.

The issue will only be compounded by the country’s growing financial instability. Our extreme overreaction to Covid 19 might be the final nail in the coffin. We’ve kicked the can down the road about as far as possible. I’m convinced major economic hard times are coming, whoever is in the White House. A nasty financial downturn will only hasten what is eventually coming and might actually trigger it.

But for now we’re just spectators waiting to see the outcome of all of this, and whether law and justice still matter or this nation descends into darkness.

Chinavirusmeltdownshitshow® Update

It’s been over four months since my last update. Nearly everything is the same so I won’t go into a long post about it. At work only one employee has not come back and it is not Covid related. Our Democrat governor ordered his indoor mask mandate in July, and as expected he keeps extending it, probably until Christmas 2021 if he thinks he can get away with it. The courts don’t seem to want to get involved. Actual mask enforcement at the stores is varied with the larger corporate owned places like Walmart strictly enforcing it while smaller “Mom and Pop” shops much less so. At the places I frequent they have mask signs up but don’t require them. From my observations public compliance at those places appears to be hovering around 50%. I still don’t personally know a single person that had Chinawuhanbatsoupvirus, or at least knew they did.

More updates to follow.

Chinavirusmeltdownshitshow® Update

It’s been over a month since my last report and little has changed. Work is about the same with staffing still hovering around 90%.

The only major change is that last week our governor signed an executive order mandating the wearing of masks inside stores, shops, etc. This is being legally challenged by our attorney general. Two of the governor’s previous Chinawuhanbatsoupvirus executive orders have already been shot down in court, so that’s not a good sign, for him.

I’ve been out shopping three times since the order began and participation by stores was mixed. My local Walmart was strictly enforcing it, with an employee and two unarmed guards at the front door to make sure you didn’t come in without a mask. A gun shop not far from my house was not requiring it at all. The employees were not wearing masks and it wasn’t even mentioned the entire time I was there. The convenience store I frequent most had signs up saying “Masks must be worn inside,” but they didn’t seem to be enforcing it. I sat in my car a moment while I watched several unmasked customers coming and going. I went inside myself and no one said a thing. Back in my car, I sat and watched a few minutes more and around 50% were not complying. I was happy to see that at least half my fellow citizens were (figuratively) giving our governor the middle finger and not blindly following his unlawful order.

More updates to follow.